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To keep up with what is happening with the Heritage 23, please go to to

A final view from this website…enjoy the video of the H23 shakedown cruise in July 2012.

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Launch is coming soon.

The prototype Heritage 23 Mackinaw is nearing completion, and it is intended that she will be launched over the weekend of 7/8 July.

More information about where and when will be posted here in the next few days.


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The build continues

I returned to Scotland from Tawas on Sunday, and immediately had to deal with new orders needing urgent attention.  In Tawas, the building team took a few days off after my driving them hard for two weeks, and returned to work on the prototype hull on Wednesday.  Already showing noticeable progress, they have been working hard to complete the smaller and less obvious parts of the boat.

The hull clean up is finished, and the gaps filled with epoxy, a thick epoxy bead run down the insides of the stems, and the centreboard case receiving attention in the form of five coats of epoxy with a graphite additive to help the smooth operation of the centreboard.

Various other internal parts are on their way to completion.

The team are searching for someone to look after the website now that I am back in Scotland; hopefully the “someone” will be found shortly!

Alec Jordan

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Friday has brought to an end my immediate involvement with the building of the Heritage 23 Mackinaw Boat; tonight I will be heading to Detroit to board a plane to take me back to Scotland.  I am certainly going to miss the people of Tawas, City and East.  It has been an incredible effort by this multi-skilled and enthusiastic group to have done so much with this boat in such a short space of time.  I would say that the excellent fit of the planks has much to do with the higher number of planks used – the most I have previously used was 9.  There were no nasty surprises in the planking, and the hull form follows the traditional Mackinaw form very closely.

The pictures below show the boat continuing to be cleaned up, and with the internal plywood parts being dry fitted.  Being present for the building of the prototype has been invaluable.  I had tried several new techniques to make building the boat easier, and while they have all worked, let’s say that they could work better!  Out of this experience, I will be spending some time tweaking the kit design, and very soon the Pre-Production Rowing only version will be available.  The main glitches are related to the Sailing features of the internal fittings. The Rowing and Sailing version will not be available until the prototype has been launched and tested under sail.

The Tawas builders have set themselves a tight schedule.  It is intended that the boat will join the 4th of July parade, and be officially launched the following weekend.  Whether that target can be met remains to be seen, but having seen the talent and experience of the builders, it is certainly achievable.

I believe that there is sufficient interest shown from other communities on the Great Lakes that there will be other Heritage 23 hulls launched this year, perhaps not in time for full blown regatta.  If you have been inspired by this build, and think that you will be able to build a Heritage 23 in your Great Lakes community, please get in touch with us.

I would like to thank everyone here in Michigan for making me so welcome.  I hope that I will be able to get back to Tawas for the launch, but if I cannot make that date, I will be back next year for the regattas – when it is warmer!

Alec Jordan

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The cleanup begins…

After the excitement of the race to plank the boat, the hard graft of cleaning up the excess epoxy on the inside.  It makes a big difference when you have 6 people on the job.  At the current rate of progress it will be all cleaned up by the weekend, and ready for filling the gaps.  What gaps, there aren’t any gaps in this boat…he lied.

Alec Jordan



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Alpena Talk – Thu Apr 26

A reminder that Alec Jordan will be repeating his talk on Scottish Coastal Rowing on Thursday evening:

Thursday April 26, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Great Lakes Maritime Center
500 West Fletcher
Alpena, Michigan

The talk takes about 40 minutes, with some video, and plenty of time afterwards for questions.

Dave Wentworth

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…the right way up…

A good crowd came along to the shop at one pm, including a gentleman sufficiently taken with the project that he drove 160 miles to attend last night’s talk on Scottish Coastal Rowing and to watch the turnover.

I’ll let the pictured speak for themselves – suffice to say that she is a bonnie boat, and I will look forward to having the chance to row her.

Alec Jordan


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