The build continues

I returned to Scotland from Tawas on Sunday, and immediately had to deal with new orders needing urgent attention.  In Tawas, the building team took a few days off after my driving them hard for two weeks, and returned to work on the prototype hull on Wednesday.  Already showing noticeable progress, they have been working hard to complete the smaller and less obvious parts of the boat.

The hull clean up is finished, and the gaps filled with epoxy, a thick epoxy bead run down the insides of the stems, and the centreboard case receiving attention in the form of five coats of epoxy with a graphite additive to help the smooth operation of the centreboard.

Various other internal parts are on their way to completion.

The team are searching for someone to look after the website now that I am back in Scotland; hopefully the “someone” will be found shortly!

Alec Jordan

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